Welcome to our blog for our Princess.
Thanks so much to Kendra for designing the page and helping her unknowledgeable
aunt navigate herself around the site.
We wanted to create this site to keep Danielle's memory alive and bright.
To also, share her story with her family and many many friends. We hope you will all
remember her very special spirit and that deep voice once in a while with a smile.
We hope you will enjoy the memories and share your special ones.


When I feel the spirit....

I usually get the cold chills and some type
of warm feeling inside.
I feel happy and I know I'm not alone...
Depending on how strong it is,
I occasionally tear up.
The spirit is especially strong when
I am sharing it with someone who is
in a shortage of it and they can feel it too.

Next is a poem we found that Danielle
had written while she
was in middle school.


April 7, 1987
A miracle happened that day.
A little girl came from heaven,
Family and friends shouted, "Hooray!"

I am the third child,
I have one sister and three brothers.
The only girl for quite a while.
Of course Linda is my mother.

My Father is Kurt,
He is not very mean.
My Dad hardly gets hurt,
He is very kean.

My brother Kris,
Is serving a an L.D.S. mission.
To whom I miss,
He occasionally used to go fishin'.

Soon to return,
with a few months left.
For which we yearn,
Seeing him will be such a gift.

Jarrett works and goes to school up north,
Having much fun.
On a mission I hope he goes forth.
He is my parents' second son.

Jordon is the third boy,
He is such a brat.
Off and on he plays with toys,
Hardly ever does he wear a hat.

Hayley is last,
making us laugh.
She grew so fast,
A couple months older than three and a half.

I like to be with my friends,
I'm hardly ever home.
Our fun and laughter never ends,
But sometimes I like to be alone.

We like to watch Delta's basketball games,
And check out the cute boys there,
I won't mention any names,
But some of them truly make us stare.

Snowboarding is what I like to do,
Riding on powder,
Hitting jumps is always fun too.
When I get home I eat Clam Chowder.

I learned to board about three years ago,
My brother Jarrett showed me how.
There's nothing better than riding the snow,
Hardly ever do I plow.

Longing for winter every year,
The snow to fall,
My board to catch the air.
It's better than the mall.

I have been dancing for years,
Sometimes I want to quit.
It scares me to perform in front of my peers,
Ask my mom, I always throw a fit.

This poem is coming to an end,
I knew it would be near.
It's not far around the bend,
Look, it's finally here.

Danielle Sorensen 2001

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Monday, April 7th was Dani's 21st Birthday. It was a hard day for us as family and friends but a tender day as we remember and smile. Tears were shed in sorrow as we miss her so much but we know that she is truly our angel watching over each and everyone of us. We have felt her presence at sacred times and know is continuing forward doing our Lord's work.


Laura said...

What a sweetheart she was! I remember taking singing lessons with her when we were little girls; she always made us laugh. What a blessing to know that families can be together forever.

~Laura Nielson

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Dani, we miss you!

Hoot352 said...

She was like a sister to me. The only one i've had thus far. I heard the news while here in Iraq. I didnt' believe it. I couldn't believe it. I still haven't really accepted it. To me she's still back home working in buckle. Knowing that if i go to the mall when i go home she'll be there to run up and give me a hug like she always does. She'll be the one to answer when i call. I miss my sister. Forever you will be a part of me. As you were the best friend a friend could be. I love and miss you Danielle

The Jeffery Family said...

What a girl! I always smile when
I think about her! It is crazy how often she pops into my head! Always at a time when I need to smile, happy birthday Dani! Love you!

Bree Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Dani! We miss you and think about you everyday! We love you!

DBILLS said...

No Tears Past The Gate.

Someone new has entered our eternal home above -

the heavenly gate has opened to welcome one you love.

We cannot help the tears that fall -

our hearts need time to grieve

when earthly life has ended

and a loved one has to leave.

Yet even in the saddest time,

we know our Savior lives,

and we can trust completely in the promise

that He gives -

that in a glad reunion with the Lord our loved ones wait

to welcome us in joy with no more tears beyond the gate!

We all love our Danielle and miss her very much. She was an great example to us. I feel now that a have favor on the side of heaven. ( Danielle) to keep us safe, to watch out for us, to protect us from harms way. Maybe even be our garending angel. If anything i hope she watches over her little boyfriend ( Braxton) he loved Danielle so much so did we all.
I'm so glad to know she is in a much better place. I can not tell you how much i 'm looking foward to seeing her again, to see her beautiful big bright smile and to recieve the biggest Danielle bear hug. We'll keep her in our hearts.

Love Your best friend Danielle

Koda said...

Dani you were my closest thing to a sister, the one person I felt I could tell the world to and know that you would still love me, knowing that you would never judge me for what I had done, my mistakes. You were the place that would pick me up even though you knew that somebody would not like it, the one person who cared enough to take care of me and go out of your way. The person who offered me her bed and said you would sleep on the floor, but I think you knew that I would never let you sleep on the floor. I owe you so much, if not for our late nights watching tv series and talking I dont know what my life would end up, what dumb things you talked me out of doing. I love you sis, and I hope that someday I can talk with you again.....

Love forever, your little bro,

BrittTaryn said...

hey Babe!
Honestly everyday i think about how much fun we had together, and all the hard times we went through together you were my sister i never had, and you always will be! I hope you are having the time of your life up there watching down on us! i could only imagine the funny things you see us do! but i miss you like crazy and i wish you were here helping me with our brothers prom although i know you are here in spirit! thanks again for all the good times, and having such an amazing family... you guys are the best and i love you dearly!
love your friend
Britt~ (ldb) ;-)

Hayley11 said...
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DBILLS said...

Just wanted to let you know i think about you everyday. Thanks you for being such a good example to me you mean the whole to me. I miss you so much i wish you were here to give me all the good advice as i go through all the hard time. well love you Danielle.
Ps i hope you don't get mad that i call you nelly i know you don't care for but i love to call you

Jensen's said...

Thanks for sending me this link! Danielle was the nicest person ever. Im so happy to have known her karalee

Chet and Jory said...

I feel so blessed that I was able to grow up with and have Danielle be a part of my life. She is an amazing girl and was such a good example to me. I love her so much! I love you Dani!

Logan Tori and Paxton said...

Happy Birthday Danielle, We miss you and hope all is well with your family. We think about you every day.
Paxton, Tori, and Logan Probst